Custom French Limestone Range Hood with Water Jet Back Splash

A custom french limestone range hood can simple handedly transform your kitchen into an exclusive master piece that has been custom built and designed. This mantle has been hand carved out of pure French Limestone by one of our expert carvers at our masonry, but can also be carved out of marble.  The frieze of this piece has been very meticulously carved to touch base with the water jet back splash design. The back splash of this piece creates contrast between the light cream color of the hood.

custom french limestone range hood

In the upper hood there is a recess which attracts the eye, making this piece the focal point of your custom built kitchen. The beautiful corbels of this piece are concave and arch inwards with a scroll top finishing. Above the over mantle is the crown molding which can run along the entire ceiling of your kitchen or just above the pure limestone hood. For further information please call us at 1-888-272-0630 or visit our website at


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