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Quality of Limestone Hoods

Saturday, September 8th, 2012


Limestone hoods are a great way to add character to your high-end, custom built home. Marvelous Marble Design Inc. now gives you the rare chance to give you kitchen a top-class make over, with the best quality stone range hoods anywhere in the world. Once you have Marvelous Marble on your corner, you have the satisfaction of contracting one of the most experienced companies in high value limestone hood designs.

Custom stone Range Hood in 9ft Ceiling

Custom stone Range Hood in 9ft Ceiling



They’re popular, that’s for sure, and it’s no fluke! These stone range hoods are moving serious product on the market for the main reason that they really are that good, and, they do exactly what they say they do-and more! Limestone hoods are quite the eye candy, and they are guaranteed to meet, if not exceed your expectations. What are they good for? First, limestone hoods are not your typical stone kitchen canopy. They go way beyond simple luxury and improving kitchen aesthetics. I mean sure, the border detailing is sublime, and the added textural aspects make them works of artistic genius-but, what props it a notch past other luxury kitchen hoods? Notable, of course, is the fact that limestone hoods absorb odors and smoke. So you don’t have to worry about choking yourself to a cough. They also absorb combustion products and airborne grease. Now, all this works through an elaborate combination of air filtration and evacuation that keeps your kitchen smelling, and looking like something out of a magazine! Limestone hoods give life to your kitchen, and allow you the rare chance to revel in the unique value of custom design stone range hoods.  Marvelous Marble Design Inc. has the best supply of limestone hoods, with dimensions to suit just about any selection of stone kitchen canopies.  They work perfectly and they blend beautifully with your kitchen setting.

Cast Stone Hoods

Friday, September 7th, 2012

In the last couple of years, the popularity of cast stone hoods has increased tremendously and it is for this reason that it’s used in high end custom build homes has also increased. With this, homeowners are assured that the value of their home will increase and what is more, a stone hood makes any living room the focal point by increasing the appeal of the living room. There are several pros associated with French country hood and it is ideal to look at some of these.

Stone range hood in 10ft celing kitchen

Stone range hood in 10ft celing kitchen


  •   Since it is possible to have custom design stone range hoods, this also means you can make it as stylish as you want. This increases the beauty of your home and especially your fireplace by making it stand out in a clear and distinctive manner.
  •   Cast stone hood veneer can be placed over material that is fireproof and this ensures that your safety is also guaranteed.
  •   They are designed by some of the most experienced sculptors and it is this fact that ensures you get the most out of the venture.
  •   You are free to choose a limestone hood that meets your needs in terms of size and in this case, the options at your disposal are endless starting from the 48” stone range hood to the 60” range stone hood. Whatever you choose, make sure that it compliments the style and décor of your home in order to ensure they are in sync.


Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is one of the most reputed companies offering the best quality cast stone hood and as such, you should consider the possibility of hiring the services they have to offer. They will give you a unique design for your fireplace and this will undoubtedly leave you with the best light cast stone hood that suits the needs of your home. More importantly, you should note they also design French country hood.

The Kitchen Stone Hoods

Friday, September 7th, 2012

The kitchen stone hood is one of those elements of interior decor that greatly add to the aesthetic appeal of a house. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to suggest that its value addition to the interior design of many homes is unrivaled. The article is not however going to dwell on matters aesthetics; rather the article will focus on the configuration of the kitchen stone hood. Whether your stone hood is a limestone hood, travertine hood, or whatever luxury hood (custom design stone range hood/ French limestone custom hood etc); the configuration of your hood is similar in all respects. To that end your typical high ceiling stone hood is configured in the following manner:

limestone range hood parma with copper-top


  •  The Over hood: This is the foremost / tip of your hood. This part might touch the ceiling or it might be some distance shy of touching the ceiling. The sides of the overboard also vary. They might be tapered, they might be slanted, or they might be straight.
  •  The Header: This is the central part of the hood. The header might be slanted or straight. It might be plain or have decorative designs on its surface. It basically rests on the base of the Over hood.
  •   The support: These are basically the legs of the kitchen stone hood. They might be made from columns, Corbels, or any other legs out there. They can be viewed as the roots of the range hood that stands in the kitchen.


The crux of the matter is this: Regardless of whether you kitchen is adorned with a 48” stone range hood or a 60” stone range hood; regardless of whether your kitchen hood comes from Texas, New York, California, or even Los Angels – the anatomy of your hood remains the same, and that is the hearth of the matter.

Luxurious Kitchen Hoods

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Besides absorbing smoke, odor and other airborne products as a result of combustion, a range hood also has an exceptional task of introducing that aesthetic touch in the kitchen or above the cookers wherever they are positioned. There exists a vast variety of these luxury kitchen hoods which includes:

  •   Limestone hood
  •   Stone hood
  •   Travertine hood
  •   Brick hood
  •   Metal hood

Given that each of the aforementioned branches of hood is further divided into various sub classes depending on the different styles and designs available, one is guaranteed of getting a luxury kitchen to satisfy his or her diverse list of needs and wishes. For instance, we have fine divisions such as:

  •          French limestone,
  •          French country hood,
  •         48” stone range hood,
  •         60” range stone hood,
  •         High ceiling stone hood,
  •         Light cast stone hood,
  •         Arch mantle stone hood and
  •         Custom design stone range hood.

All these are types of luxury kitchen hoods which results after specialization takes a deeper course in to the major types aforementioned. Depending on the decor previously in your room, or the space or any other kind of wish you could be in need of accomplishing in your kitchen, given the vast source of choices to choose from you are certain to get what will leave all your fashion thirst quenched.

In fact, the designers have been working hard to suppress the diverse needs and wishes from many clients they come across. This has brought about evolution of such a beautiful work art given the immense expertise, creativity and innovativeness of the designer involved. Every thing nowadays is tailored as you present your specifications.  Do not go for fit-to-all designs when designers are availing customized unique designs of kitchen hoods. In the event that you are out in the market looking for a kitchen hoods it is wise to do a vast research on the different types available so as to be sure of your choice.

Types of Stone Hoods

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

The world keeps changing due to new technology and other inevitable circumstances that keep events unfolding every day. It is needless to say people will automatically change with the changes that come along with the new generation. Therefore everything advances to new and better versions to render sufficient services. In the history of kitchen renovation, there has been a gradual and very commendable improvement of stone hoods ‘used for renovations in that field. With one of the most experienced company in this field-Marvelous Marble Design Inc, you should expect that things get better each day

There are a number of different stone hoods that always bring out the most unique designs across the globe they include;

  • Arch mantle stone hoods
  • High ceiling stone hoods
  • 48” range stone hoods
  • Luxury kitchen stone hoods
  • Travertine stone hoods

You will be interested to know that these are but just a few of the long list for all the available types of hoods; so panic not if you did not see anything close to your world. Stone range hoods are among the unmentioned list of the best hoods that one can ever choose to work with.  This very type of hood is just perfect and has several references that one could compare its remarkable job.

The best Qualities are what everyone should go for but the question is always how to identify the original from a whole lot of them.  Relax for you need not to spend a single penny on this issue not mentioning your time or calories. The market is competitive so there are higher chances that you can be a victim of monkey business. Always keep in mind that only authorized and well trained dealers are permitted to serve you. Buy on price, buy twice remember? Just keep your eye on the quality.

You have ample time to choose the hood that works best for you so waste no time.

Stone Range Hood for Added Appeal in Your Home

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Hoods are no doubt an excellent way to enhance the beauty and elegance in a home. They come in hand carved Cast stone hoods, Limestone hoods, high ceiling stone hoods, light cast stone hoods and custom design stone range hoods among others. These are extremely beautiful hoods that will add an instant appeal to a home and create an environment that is warm and attractive.


If you have always wanted to add an instant appeal to your home or kitchen, a stone range hood is the best hood to explore. This is a hood that is truly artistic and features excellent designs to create a whole new look in a home. It is a statement making hood that will make your home stunning and a great place to be at all times based on latest and highly innovative craftsmanship skills. With the hood, there is no need for settling for substitutes in the kitchen. You can always consider a stone mantel on top of the range, arch mantel stone hood and a stone kitchen canopy hood to create an environment that you have always wanted in the kitchen.

Luxury kitchen hoods on the other hand are an incredible piece, the real hood to transform your kitchen into a beautiful and amazing room. The hood will make your kitchen a focal point. What’s more, they make a dramatic visual statement and complete your home. They are beautiful, stunning and are hoods of the highest quality. You can always settle for colors, styles and designs that complement existing décor in your home to complete the look. What’s more, they suit high end custom built homes bearing in mind that they are of the best quality and feature the best longevity and durability features. However, to get the best hoods for a dramatic statement in your home, consider Marvelous Marble Design Inc. this is the most experienced company with quality hoods.



Limestone Range Hoods

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Limestone range hoods are among many types of hoods that are used in many kitchens allover the world. There are many reasons as to why you should pick these limestone range hoods over other types of hoods that are used in many households.  Among the reasons as to why you should select these kitchen hoods, is due to the fact that they are the most beautiful luxury kitchen hoods. This is partly due to the fact that, it is made from natural stone that can be customized to complement the beauty of any kitchen.

The other reason as to why you should go for a limestone range hood is that, it is readily available in many places. There are many companies that have their operations dedicated to manufacturing unique designs of limestone hoods. They have operations in California, Los Angels, Texas among the many states that these companies are located. The other advantage of a limestone hood is that, it comes in a variety of sizes. This therefore makes them possible to be used in all types of kitchens, regardless of their size. For instance, there is the 48′ limestone range hood, which is used in many medium sized kitchens.


Limestone range hoods also come in a number of types for one to choose from. Among them includes the French limestone hood that is common found in many high end custom built homes. There is also the Italian limestone hood that is also prevalent in many modern kitchens. With many companies embracing technology and innovations, there have been a number of limestone hoods that have exhibited a lot of craftsmanship.  This has therefore led to the emergence of limestone hoods that have the most outstanding designs.


Limestone range hoods have also been revered as among the most affordable hoods that are used in many households. This is partly because they are cheap as compared to other types of hoods. Besides, they are available in many stores allover the world.