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Custom Design Stone Range Hood

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

It is a great idea to invest in your home. Your kitchen is one of the most essential places in your home that you should take care of. You need to always make sure that your kitchen is in the best shape and condition. All these can be possible if you get the best cast stone hood in the market. Cast stone is one of the luxurious and good looking materials that you can use and decorate your kitchen at a budget friendly cost. When you are out there in the market looking for the best cast stone, it is advisable and a great idea to go for custom design stone range hoods as it will defintely give your kitchen a new look. It is not an easy task to choose the best stone range hood, but you need to research painstakingly and get a design that will satisfy your needs and requirements.

You will come across several cast stone hood designs, but it is a great decision to pick the French limestone hood. The French country hood is known to be designed from the most durable and the hardest material in the world and you will thus rest assured that you have picked a design that will last and change the appearance of your kitchen and the house in general. Basically, when you are looking for the best cast stone hood, you need to get a design that has the best quality and one that will increase the value of your home.


Whether you want to purchase an arch mantel stone hood or a stone mantel on top of the range, you need to make sure that you also put color of the cast into consideration. When you are choosing the color of your luxury kitchen hood, you need to try and choose colors which will mostly resemble natural stone. As you get your unique designof your cast stone fireplace mantel, you also need to consider the décor and design of your kitchen and the other rooms in general. Finally, if you are into luxury, you need to make sure that you get your cast stone from the most experienced company in the market.


Custom Modern Stone Range Hood

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Many people are always flanked with several problems when it comes to choosing an ideal custom modern stone range hood. However, one thing that you should note is that there are several stone range hoods that are available in the market including limestone hoods, cast stone hoods among others. Besides, from all these categories, you are also able to make your choices based on where you intend to use the stone hood.

cast stone hoods


When making your choices based on the place where you intend to use the stone hood, you can choose a stone kitchen canopy, high ceiling stone hood, arch mantel stone hood, travertine hood among others. For the kitchen, you can also obtain a luxury kitchen hood.


Apart from just the place of use, you can also choose a stone range hood based on the size. In fact, the size will be determined by the available space where it is to be used. Based on the space that you need filled up using a stone range hood, you can choose from a 48” stone range hood, 60” range stone hood or any other that you may need.


When looking for the best quality stone range, it is also important that you look for a company that offers stone hoods at affordable prices. However, you have to bear in mind that whether you need a cast stone hood or a limestone stone hood, these items are not always very cheap. In fact, that is the reason why they are most used in high end custom built homes. In whatever you do, ensure that you look for a unique design so as to be able to experience the true luxury of a stone range hood.


There is no guarantee that the most expensive company is the one that can offer you the most luxurious stone range hood. Just look for a company that charges affordable rates on a stone hood that can match your style.

Limestone Hoods for Interior and Exterior Décor

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

The first thing to cross your mind at the mention of the word limestone is probably the sparkling substance that is so conspicuous. Now imagine the shiny substance perfectly blended with the most appropriate and quality materials suit your interior décor. You are already nodding in realization of the most sophisticated and unique design that your home can turn into. That is just a piece of the cake. Limestone hoods can also be used for your outdoor design along side with arch mantel stone hood, French limestone and also French country hood.

limestone hoods


A good number of people have actually embraced this unique ability of this very type of stone hood for the longest time now. The only aspect common with anyone who has tried this is their constant comment-spectacular results. Some of the most popular areas you are likely to land on limestone hood at its best are, Toronto, New York city, Chicago and also Texas. With just a click on the web you can be able to rub off any doubts.

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is actually the most experienced company in this field and is well renowned for the best quality limestone hood works. They actually have a variety of their products well outlined in their website just for you. With the bag of experience they have they are able to come up with all types of unique designs including custom design stone range hood. Now this sounds very convenient for you to always have something from your own taste in your luxury kitchen.

It does not take one a lot of effort to have this work done by the best dealers in town. You can always visit the web pages then try to compare different pieces presented in their pages. Better yet get references from current customers. For further information please visit .

Cast Stone Hoods for Your Remodeling Project

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

There comes a time in one’s life when change is the best option to help one survive the extremely tough times life has to offer.  There are people who live in houses that come with unique design and they are mostly referred to as living in luxury.  If you visit the state of Florida, you will wonder in amazement due to the high end custom build homes that are stretched throughout the state.

cast stone hoods


The best thing is that, if you have a basement, bathroom, dining room, kitchen or living room that doesn’t impress you much, you ought to consider coming up with a remodeling project. You can choose to use cast stone hood for your remodeling and you can rest assured that you will get the best results that you had not anticipated for in the first place. If you have run out of options, all you need to do is to give the company you have chosen an idea of what you would like and they will in turn produce your custom cast stone hood.


Custom design stone range hood is perfect simply because you will be able to come up with the dimensions that you want for your remodeling project.  In addition to this, through it, all your needs will be met perfectly just the way you want. Keep in mind that cast stone range hoods are important as they play a major role in ensuring that the exhaust system especially above the cook stoves has been covered and this in turn provides you with a luxurious kitchen hood.


In order to make any of your remodeling projects worthwhile, all you need is to have a scale drawing of what you really need. For instance, if you need a 48″ stone range hood or 60″ range stone hood, you need to provide this information to your remodeling company and they will in turn provide you with a quote that will ensure your stone kitchen canopy has been delivered to you if it is what you need.

Cast Stone Hood for a Luxurious Kitchen

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Just like any other part of your house your kitchen should appear magnificent and inviting at all costs.  A cast stone hood is one of the finest materials that is used to transform old dated kitchens into luxurious kitchen that you may have not come across. You can always tell when your kitchen needs high ceiling stone hoods, light cast stone hoods or even a stone kitchen canopy. That is the right time to go for the most unique designs you can ever land on.

The most experienced companies in this field are able to handle the job as it should but you must go for the best quality of services around your area code. It is common that one will prefer to work with manufactures that are in their vicinity, but whenever you feel that something is not done right, you tend to move further out and explore better options. Any kitchen make over should always be done to the best of the technicians ability. Not one but a couple of individuals would rather have their own custom design stone range hood to suit their taste. This may never prove to be an issue as soon as you land on able hands of certified technicians who only give the best.

It is expected that your fireplace will benefit from all these equipment in the kitchen. Your fire place might need a little more of furnishing from the whole process. Designs such as bentwood, Tuscany, modern and also rhapsody are among the most exclusive types of fireplaces that one could choose to suit their interior décor.

Do you really have to worry about the prices? If you take some time to think about the kind of job and renovation that your kitchen area will undergo, cost is the last thing you will need to consider. Get the best manufactures to avoid recurring of the same old process.

Buying a Range Hood

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

So you have your high end dream custom build home in the suburbs of big cities like Los Angeles, Toronto, Texas among others. As you prepare nice meals for your family, your magnificent kitchen will deteriorate unless you install a good luxury kitchen hood for proper air ventilation and to remove smoke, moisture, grease and other odors. There are several factors to consider before settling on a unique stone range hood design to buy. These are the things to consider:

  •        The most experienced companies like Marvelous Marble Design Inc. will recommend that you measure the width of the place to fit the stone hood. The range hood that is used must be of the same width. For apartments, 30 inches is the medium width and other houses might use larger sizes of 36 inches and higher. If your kitchen has enough space, you might consider just installing the larger 48” stone range hood or an even larger, the 60” range stone hood for your kitchen to accommodate any major culinary jobs in the future.
  •        Decide the type of material that you want for the range hood. Do you want range hoods made from stone such as a limestone hood or just a light cast stone hood?  Or do you want a modern design or an old look design akin to the French country hood used during the late medieval periods? Make sure to choose the best quality material that you will be sure to love even many years into the future.
  •        Determine where the range hood will vent its exhaust. If outside then look for a ducted system or a vented one for that matter. Non-vented range hoods have filters that clean and channel air back to the kitchen.
  •        Look at the CFM number and then select the fan type, choose either centrifugal or rotational.
  •        The last thing to consider is the range hood décor. These come in brushed steel or white or black including other traditional colors.

All You Need to Know about a Custom Cast Stone Hood

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

The use of custom cast stone hood has become very common among homeowners these days mainly due to their decorative nature and effectiveness in removing smoke, steam and other unwanted elements from the house. A cast stone hood is important for removing smoke from the kitchen and that is why it is placed on top of the cooker to ensure that no amount of fumes escape from the ventilation system. A cast stone hood is mainly made of limestone to ensure that it remains effective for a long time. With this type of hood, your house will always remain free from smoke, grease, steam and other harmful elements.


As mentioned earlier, a limestone hood is more durable and strong than those that are made from aluminum, and other low quality materials. It will remain functional for decades without developing any serious problem. But it must be taken good care of by cleaning it regularly. This hood also comes in a broad range of types including arch mantel stone hood, light cast stone hood, stone kitchen canopy, and more. Cast stone hood works the same way as a stone range hood.


On top of removing smoke and steam from the house, cast stone hood can also be used as a utilitarian fitting. Most of these stone hoods come in very attractive designs and patterns which make them the best decorative items in the house. For instance, a custom design stone range hood can be placed on top of the fireplace in the living room to improve its interior design. You can also have a stone mantel on top of the range to provide a warm and rich look in the house. These hoods offer a wonderful artistic centerpiece for modern homes. They are capable of transforming any ordinary looking house into an expensive space.

All about Cast Stone Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

There are many companies that have assumed operations, all with the sole aim of treating their clients with the best quality of cast stone range hoods for their luxury kitchens. These companies can be found in New York, Chicago, Florida and Toronto, are among the many states that these companies have operations in.


Cast stone range hoods are revered for being among the highest quality luxury kitchen hoods that are found in many households. With the advent of technology, there are companies that have the ability to manufacture different cast stone hoods that have unique designs.  Besides, these companies have the ability to produce a wide collection of custom cast stone hood designs which are ideal for high end custom build homes.


These hoods aim at covering exhaust systems that are found in the cooking stoves that are used in many kitchens.  Apart from covering cooking stoves and other cookers that are used in kitchens, these cast stone hoods are also used in decorating and complementing the beauty of one kitchen.


There are a number of cast stone hoods that have long been prevalent in many kitchens. Among them includes French county, Rothschild, Le Petite and Waverly stone cast hoods. In addition, there are also a number of luxury kitchen hoods that are used in modern kitchens. They are however more expensive as compared to other types of cast stone hoods.


Cast stone hoods also come in a number of sizes. This is due to the fact that, kitchens also vary in size. For instance there are 40” stone range hood and 60”, 70” stone cast hoods.  In addition, there are also high ceiling stone hoods that are used in kitchen that have a higher ceiling as compared to other types of kitchens. To learn more about these stone cast hoods, please visit the website that has dedicated their operations to manufacturing different types of stone range hoods.


Advantages of Stone Range Hoods over Other Kitchen Hoods

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

There is no kitchen hood that captures the elegance of a European chateau, like the way a stone range hood does. Stone range hoods are the oldest type of kitchen hoods that have been used in many households for ages. Apparently, there are a number of advantages that a stone range hood has over other types of kitchen hoods.


The first advantage is that, it has the ability to create an architectural centerpiece for every type of kitchen. This is due to the fact that it is made of stone, which can be carved easily. This therefore makes it easy for one to manufacture unique designs of stone range hoods that can be used in nearly every luxury kitchen. The other advantage of stone range hoods is that, it can be customized to come up with a number of custom designs. These hoods are easier to install in kitchens, as compared to other types of kitchen hoods.


Stone range hoods also come in a huge array of collections. They are made to fit in every kitchen, which is used in every household. There are also a number of custom design stone range hoods that can fit your kitchen needs. In addition, there are a number of stone range hoods that are considered as luxurious kitchen hoods.  Among them includes the French country hood.  It has been used in many kitchens all over the world and it has been revered for giving kitchens an elegance that other kitchen hoods are unable to offer.


Stone range hoods are the most available hoods, thanks to the fact that stone is the most common object on earth. This therefore makes stone range hoods to be available in nearly every location. There are many shops in California. Los Angles, Toronto, Florida and other places, that treat people with the best collection of stone range hoods.


Stone range hoods also come in a variety of sizes, thus making them ideal for nearly every size of the kitchen. There is the 60” stone range hood that is prevalent in many luxury kitchens. To learn more of these stone range hoods, please visit our main website .