Buying a Range Hood

So you have your high end dream custom build home in the suburbs of big cities like Los Angeles, Toronto, Texas among others. As you prepare nice meals for your family, your magnificent kitchen will deteriorate unless you install a good luxury kitchen hood for proper air ventilation and to remove smoke, moisture, grease and other odors. There are several factors to consider before settling on a unique stone range hood design to buy. These are the things to consider:

  •        The most experienced companies like Marvelous Marble Design Inc. will recommend that you measure the width of the place to fit the stone hood. The range hood that is used must be of the same width. For apartments, 30 inches is the medium width and other houses might use larger sizes of 36 inches and higher. If your kitchen has enough space, you might consider just installing the larger 48” stone range hood or an even larger, the 60” range stone hood for your kitchen to accommodate any major culinary jobs in the future.
  •        Decide the type of material that you want for the range hood. Do you want range hoods made from stone such as a limestone hood or just a light cast stone hood?  Or do you want a modern design or an old look design akin to the French country hood used during the late medieval periods? Make sure to choose the best quality material that you will be sure to love even many years into the future.
  •        Determine where the range hood will vent its exhaust. If outside then look for a ducted system or a vented one for that matter. Non-vented range hoods have filters that clean and channel air back to the kitchen.
  •        Look at the CFM number and then select the fan type, choose either centrifugal or rotational.
  •        The last thing to consider is the range hood décor. These come in brushed steel or white or black including other traditional colors.

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