All You Need to Know about a Custom Cast Stone Hood

The use of custom cast stone hood has become very common among homeowners these days mainly due to their decorative nature and effectiveness in removing smoke, steam and other unwanted elements from the house. A cast stone hood is important for removing smoke from the kitchen and that is why it is placed on top of the cooker to ensure that no amount of fumes escape from the ventilation system. A cast stone hood is mainly made of limestone to ensure that it remains effective for a long time. With this type of hood, your house will always remain free from smoke, grease, steam and other harmful elements.


As mentioned earlier, a limestone hood is more durable and strong than those that are made from aluminum, and other low quality materials. It will remain functional for decades without developing any serious problem. But it must be taken good care of by cleaning it regularly. This hood also comes in a broad range of types including arch mantel stone hood, light cast stone hood, stone kitchen canopy, and more. Cast stone hood works the same way as a stone range hood.


On top of removing smoke and steam from the house, cast stone hood can also be used as a utilitarian fitting. Most of these stone hoods come in very attractive designs and patterns which make them the best decorative items in the house. For instance, a custom design stone range hood can be placed on top of the fireplace in the living room to improve its interior design. You can also have a stone mantel on top of the range to provide a warm and rich look in the house. These hoods offer a wonderful artistic centerpiece for modern homes. They are capable of transforming any ordinary looking house into an expensive space.

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