All about Cast Stone Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

There are many companies that have assumed operations, all with the sole aim of treating their clients with the best quality of cast stone range hoods for their luxury kitchens. These companies can be found in New York, Chicago, Florida and Toronto, are among the many states that these companies have operations in.


Cast stone range hoods are revered for being among the highest quality luxury kitchen hoods that are found in many households. With the advent of technology, there are companies that have the ability to manufacture different cast stone hoods that have unique designs.  Besides, these companies have the ability to produce a wide collection of custom cast stone hood designs which are ideal for high end custom build homes.


These hoods aim at covering exhaust systems that are found in the cooking stoves that are used in many kitchens.  Apart from covering cooking stoves and other cookers that are used in kitchens, these cast stone hoods are also used in decorating and complementing the beauty of one kitchen.


There are a number of cast stone hoods that have long been prevalent in many kitchens. Among them includes French county, Rothschild, Le Petite and Waverly stone cast hoods. In addition, there are also a number of luxury kitchen hoods that are used in modern kitchens. They are however more expensive as compared to other types of cast stone hoods.


Cast stone hoods also come in a number of sizes. This is due to the fact that, kitchens also vary in size. For instance there are 40” stone range hood and 60”, 70” stone cast hoods.  In addition, there are also high ceiling stone hoods that are used in kitchen that have a higher ceiling as compared to other types of kitchens. To learn more about these stone cast hoods, please visit the website that has dedicated their operations to manufacturing different types of stone range hoods.


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