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Tips on Maintaining Cast Limestone Fireplace Mantel

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

The one issue regarding cast limestone fireplace mantel that you need to be aware of is that cleaning or maintaining it is not as easy as other types of surfaces. The softness and porosity of limestone call for a lot more precautionary measures when cleaning it than would be required in other types. Moreover, you need to make use of the right types and qualities of supplies when cleaning it to avoid scratches.


Wax and spray polishes should be used with a lot of care when cleaning or maintaining surfaces on any French limestone fireplace mantel in California, or the French limestone mantel in custom built mansion. The reason behind the need to be cautious when cleaning such types of surfaces is that wax and spray polishes tend to cause them to get discolored and this leads to stains which are hard to remove.


When using paper towels and steel wool to clean and maintain 60 viking range with limestone hood, or even limestone stove hood, a lot of care is required. The reason behind this is that both paper towels and steel wool have a habit of scratching the surface a lot. Moreover, where the surface has not been polished or the finishing job is of poor quality, the scratches on the limestone surface would even be worse.


If there are any dust and debris on the mantel’s surface, these would have to be cleaned carefully. The surface needs to be cleaned well before any solution is used for to finish the job off. When removing any grime on the surface, it would be good to use a microfiber cloth. It helps to loosen the grime before any proper cleaning can be performed. In the absence of microfiber, using dry cotton cloth would work well.


The limestone fireplace mantel needs to be cleaned comprehensively if its top condition is to be preserved in any city you reside in such as Los Angeles, Dallas or Houston among others.

Uniquely Designed Limestone Range Hood For Mansions in Manhatten, New York

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

There will always be a few things a person can do to give the house a major facelift and one of these is installing limestone products. The place where you cook and your family gathers together to eat meals is one that can enjoy great facelift simply through the installation of limestone related products. One of these items which can prove to be very attractive is limestone range hood.

The bathroom is the other place which can be transformed from a mere room to an aesthetic and warm place through the installation of French limestone floor. With a few additions of other range hoods in the bathroom, these can supplement the work of the limestone floor. A limestone shower is a wonderful feature to add to the bathroom and see it transformed into a room with natural aspects right before you.

Limestone has traits that help it to give your house a natural facelift and this makes it quite attractive. It complements other materials in any room within the house naturally. If your house has marble or granite features, adding limestone hood would augur well for it and improve it aesthetically. Moreover, if your desire is to give your house a textured feel, why not give limestone floors and walls a try?

The fireplace is one area in the house that can also benefit greatly from limestone products. A simple addition of limestone mantel with TV on top to the fireplace can make your visitors wonder whether the whole house underwent some renovation or not. A good and well trained interior designer should be able to give you several options on how this mantel can give your fireplace a natural appeal.

It is not only rooms inside the house that can benefit tremendously by installing limestone products. It is a fact that the exterior of the house is also quite important and needs a lot of care because it is the area which indicates to all visitors how seriously or not you are with the aesthetics of your building. With some creativity,limestone range hoodcan be used on the exterior of the house beautifully.

Look for stores where limestone hood products are sold in Washington D.C, New York or Virginia, as well as other cities where you reside and purchase them.

Consider Installing a Stone Range Hoods to Improve Your Kitchen in Dallas, Texas

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

There are many ways, which are touted as the best for the improvement of kitchens in Texas. However, none of these ways comes close to using luxury stone range hoods. If you are a lady, you understand the kitchen more. The need for you to be in the best-looking kitchen is obviously enormous. Conversely, you cannot get there because you have not discovered this amazing secret. You have the opportunity to improve the way your kitchen appears now. It is upon you to determine whether you want to have a creative design in your kitchen or not. The appearance of your kitchen will greatly influence the way you enjoy spending time there. You should not deprive yourself off the chance to be happy and fulfilled.

stone range hoods

French country hood is another great alternative if you live in Michigan. You get all the reason to be happy. You also have reasons to leave the kitchen ever. It would not come as a surprise when you decide to expand the kitchen in order to have the dinning table here. This is because of the beauty which is associated with this amazing remodeling tool.

Decorating and remodeling your kitchen cannot be complete without travertine hood. If you are in Indiana, perhaps you may want to make use of stone hood. Both products are guaranteed to give you the best results you are looking for.

Limestone hood is also a great alternative if you want to enjoy the feeling of your kitchen. It will revolutionize the way you view your kitchen in a considerable way. This is what you use if you want to have the time of your life in the kitchen. After using it, you will instantly be one of its many reviews.

Benefits of Custom Limestone Range Hoods

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012


Benefits of Custom Limestone Range Hoods

In most luxury homes, custom limestone range hoods has become an important fixture and this is because of the benefits it offers. It is eye catching and a superb complimentary feature to any high end limestone back splashes and Granite counter tops. With this luxury kitchen hood, you can transform the look of your kitchen and make it more attractive. You can choose a stone hood that is designed by gifted sculptors in order to ensure that it stands out perfectly.


Stone range hood in 10ft celing kitchen

There are a couple of benefits associated with this type of hood and some of these are as highlighted below.


  • Luxury stone kitchen hood come in different styles and this makes it easy for you to select one that compliments your kitchen and sets it apart from others. By going through a catalog, you will come across different designs and each is sculpted by an expert a fact that makes it increasingly easy to find one that compliments your personal style and preference.
  • These also come in different sizes yet another aspect that ensures you end up with one that meets your needs. In this case, you have the option of making a choice from the 48” stone range hood or the 60” range stone hood. In essence, the size options are endless and the ultimate choice is dependant on the size of your kitchen and the manner in which you intend to use the hood. For this reason, make sure that you get accurate measurements of your kitchen in order to increase the possibility of making an informed choice.
  • These are designed using high quality materials and you can also rest assured that they are stain and chemical proof. This aspect ensures that they remain well maintained for the longest time possible. They have been designed in a manner that ensures they are protected from any unwanted blemishes as well.


More importantly, you also have the chance of choosing a custom design stone range hood and this makes the experience more worthwhile and rewarding.

Limestone range hood in French kitchen

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Old style French kitchen design are used by well known designers in south California and Florida custom built mansions. They use a limestone range hood to add beauty and a focal point to your custom built mansion.

these hoods with light weight and special design can be  installed in any walls. Marvelous Marble Design is the most experienced company in this section of  industry.

limestone range hood

limestone kitchen hoods in california

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Are you looking for nice hand carved limestone kitchen hoods? Are you  looking for high quality of carving to build your kitchen unique and luxury limestone range hood?

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. with more than 100 successful project to building the stone range hood is the most experienced company in North America.You can find different design and style of  large and unique marvelous marble design stone range hood collection.

Marble and Stone Range Hood

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Marble and stone range hood can be made in two different limestone color and different finishing. you can have it in polished look or honed even you can order antique finishing.

Custom stone Range Hood in 9ft Ceiling

Custom stone Range Hood in 9ft Ceiling

Custom stone Range Hood in 9ft CeilingCustom stone Range Hood in 9ft CeilingCustom stone Range Hood in 9ft Ceiling

cast stone kitchen hood is made on natural crashed limestone which poured and in side the mould. custom limestone range hood can  be designed and made. these kind of range hood are light and comes in pieces and designed for north america housing system. these light hood can be installed over the interior wall or on the ceiling over the kitchen island.

we can ship our marble kitchen hood to california and new york or florida

Stone Range Hood in Luxury Kitchen

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Marvelous Marble Design

It is sometimes not easy to choose what type of marble you should start with when planning for a new kitchen, building a fireplace or new set for your new flooring. It is vital that the consumers choose for example the Kitchen Stone Range Hood in Luxury Kitchen stone which comes from different parts of the world. You have the Turkish travertine or Spanish cream marble or even Italian Bianca Carrere.

Stone range hood in 10ft celing kitchen

Stone range hood in 10ft celing kitchen

Designers use marble mantels, Ivory Creama limestone kitchen hoods, Cream marfil marble columns, and Dark Imperator marble floor medallions which designed to accommodate new and existing styles add a tremendous luxury to any type of house they work on in the New York.

In any luxury home in the California you will find many of the designers and builders use Ivory Creama limestone kitchen hoods in efforts to add on quality and Luxury. The Light style stone Kitchen Range Hoods can be fully customized and will fit any kitchen in your house.


custom stone range hood

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Old world custom stone range hood is the main part of any luxury old European kitchen design. Any kitchen design in south of California is familiar with the limestone kitchen hood or even use this kind of hand crafted custom stone range hood in their design.

Stone Range Hood

Stone Range Hood


old freanch castle with limestone island hood in the middle of the kitchen is not today design which you can see everyday in a kitchen design magazine but having the La Cornue range and stone range hood on the top with carved corbles and floral ferize and stone canopy with large stone crafed crwon moulding on ceiling will be dream for most of luxury kitchen deisgner in california.

you can find all these design in just one place in north America Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

La cornue Kitchen limestone kitchen hoods

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Welcome to Lacornue Kitchen the best source for hand carved limestone kitchen hood which you can match with your La Cornue Range.

La Cornue Kitchen web site is the affiliate of Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

please call 1-888-272-0630 for any further information.